Regulations of the Internet Store

I. General terms and conditions
1. The owner of the Online Store is the company Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar with its registered seat in ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3, 30-510 Kraków. NIP [Tax Identification Number]: PL 5482466514, Regon [Statistical Number] 240712329.
2. These Regulations determine the rules of agreement for sale of lace lingerie and Koniaków crochet lace works between the Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar and Customers purchasing the products in the Internet Store.
3. A Customer is obliged to follow all the Terms and Conditions herein.
4. All the information included on our website (also prices) do not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 Civil Code, but they are only an invitation to tender within the meaning of art.71 of the Civil Code.
5. Information about the price given in the Internet Store is binding as soon as the Customer receives an email confirming the order. After placing the order successfully the price will not be changed.
6. The photographs of our lace lingerie and Koniaków crochet lace are used in the Internet Store as examples and presentation of the particular models.
7. The photographs and texts on the Internet site are owned by Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3, 30-510 Kraków. Duplicating, copying, processing or issuing for other websites, portals or internet stores, press or TV will only be possible after agreement with Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3, 30-510 Kraków.
8. Customers may purchase Koniaków crochet lace  and lace lingerie via the Internet Store
9. When ordering the obligatory requirement is to complete the registration form with necessary data; the address and the phone number or e-mail address at which the Customer may be contacted.

II. SALES REGULATIONS at Internet Store.
1. When ordering at the Internet Store  the Customer accepts the Rules of the Internet Store. The Customer which completes shopping accepts the following Regulations.
2.The Seller takes all the possible technical and organization actions in order to protect Customer’s data. Customer’s data is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties during registration or placing orders processes.
3. Every product in our Store is made for the client’s order. The standard time of fulfilling an order is no more than 14 working days, then the product is sent  to the Customer. When the order contains greater number of lace tablecloths or serviettes, larger than 70 centimeters, the time for fulfilling the order is extended and agreed with the Customer.

III. Placing the orders.
1. Orders of Koniaków crochet lace and lace lingerie sold at the Internet Store  www.kajzar can be placed by filling in the form downloaded from our Store website, by email or by phone.
2. Orders by the Internet Store form and by emails can be placed 24 hours a day all week.
3. Orders can be placed from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
4. When placing an Order, the Customer makes an offer to purchase the specified goods from the company Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar according to the Regulations of the Internet Store.
5. After placing the Order, The Customer receives a confirming email or phone at the given email address or phone number.  The contract of sale of ordered Koniaków crochet lace and/or lace lingerie  is concluded when the confirmation is sent to the Customer by the Store.
6. The Customer may cancel the Order before the confirmation of receiving the Order from the Store is sent. The statement of cancelling the Order shall be sent by email to the Seller at the email address

IV. Payments. Prices.
1. All the prices of Koniaków crochet lace and lace lingerie which are on sale in the Internet Store are given in PLN, Euro or USD and include VAT, they do not include the delivery price. The price given with the products in the Store is binding for Customers at the moment they receive the confirmation that their order is completed and ready to be fulfilled.
2. The Customer may select from the following forms of payment for the ordered lace and lace lingerie: cash when the product is collected from our Store, cash on delivery - payment is then made in cash when the goods are collected, transfer and via Internet payment system Payments by transfer should be made at the Seller’s bank account: Paweł Kajzar, ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3, 30-510 Kraków, BZ WBK 79 1090 1665 0000 0001 3596 4662, for Customers from abroad: BZ WBK PL 79 1090 1665 0000 0001 3596 4662 SWIFT WBKPPLPP.

V. Fulfilling orders.
1. The Seller, after confirming that order is completed, begins fulfilling the order.
2. Time of fulfilling an order is 14 working days. Special orders or orders of lace larger than 70 centimeters, are fulfilled at an extended period of time, agreed with the Customer.
3. Shipping cost of  Koniaków crochet lace and lace lingerie is added to the price of orders made by Customers.
4. The Store sends ordered goods at the given address through delivery firm UPS or the Polish Post Office – according to the Customer’s choice.
5. On delivery the Customer is required to check the condition of the packaging. If there is obvious damage or items are missing or incorrect, the Customer should record this on the delivery document in the presence of the delivering parties and send it together with the letter of complaint to the Seller.
6. We send receipts with every product purchased. At the Customer’s wish we issue VAT invoices. Starting with 01.04.2013 VAT for tablecloths and lace serviettes is 23%.

VI. Right to renounce the contract.
1. The Customer can return the goods to the Store within 14 days without stating the reason. The Customer shall then send the declaration of renunciation of the contract by email or post at the address: Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar Istebna 883, 43-470 Istebna.
2. Repay of the price shall be made immediately, not later than within 14 days.
3. The returned lace lingerie and/or Koniaków crochet lace shall be returned complete, with all the accessories and documents at the address of the company: Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar Istebna 883, 43-470 Istebna.
4. The costs of delivery of lace lingerie and Koniaków crochet lace are paid by the Seller.
5. The Store has the right to refuse to accept an order, if the order gives rise to justified doubts as to the accuracy and reliability of the data supplied or the method of payment. The Customer shall be informed about this fact.
VII. Products not in accordance with the contract. Complaints.
1. Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3, 30-510 Kraków is responsible for any discrepancies of the products with the Contract.
2. If the goods are not in accordance with the contract, the Customer has the right to file a written complaint.
3. A Customer’s complaint should be sent together with the defective product and purchase proof (a receipt or an invoice).
4. The Seller restricts the right to take a decision on a Customer’s complaint within 10 working days.
5. The resolution of a justified complaint involves exchanging the product or repaying the cost of the product at the bank account given by the Customer.
6. The costs of delivery of complained Koniaków crochet lace and lace lingerie to the company Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar Istebna 883, 43-470 Istebna are paid by the Customer.
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