About Us

Kajzar company was set up in 1993, but its beginnings can be dated on 1962. Paweł Kajzar has been the owner of the company ‘Koniakow-Koronki Koniakowskie’ since 2007.

Our business promotes the folklore and tradition of Koniakow. In our homeland - The Beskid Triple village, which includes Koniakow, Istebna and Jaworzynka  there is our gallery where we present traditional lace works (tablecloths, lace serviettes) and lace lingerie.

For your convenience we decided to open this internet shop where you can buy our lace works and where you can also browse the gallery of photos depicting Koniakow, crochet lacemakers and the way of creating Koniakow crochet lace and lace lingerie.

Because of our unique cotton thread of appropriate thickness (it is 100% cotton, mercerised), the products we sell in our shop are  of the finest quality and they are long-lasting.

In our long tradition we have mastered creating traditional Koniakow crochet lace (tablecloths, lace serviettes), lace lingerie (e.g. lace thongs) and different lace accessories and decorations.

For your specific demand we are willing to make any lace designs: wedding dresses, special outfits, decorative elements, tablecloths, lace serviettes made in different patterns and sizes. We also specialize in reconstruction of historical fabrics and different kinds of lace. Recently we have been working in Wilanow Palace where we reconstructed the lace made of golden thread on a 17th century, historical flag.

Address of the company

Koniaków-Koronki Koniakowskie Paweł Kajzar

ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 11/3,
30-510 Kraków 

e-mail: kajzar@kajzar.pl

Tel.: +48 695 629 418

Tax Identification Number: PL 548-190-91-80
Polish/ National Business Registry Number, REGON: 243700143

Bank account number:

BZ WBK 79 1090 1665 0000 0001 3596 4662

For customers paying abroad:

BZ WBK PL 79 1090 1665 0000 0001 3596 4662

IBAN PL79109016650000000135964662