Koniakow lace


Koniakow crochet lace is made in Koniakow in the south of Poland. First lessons of  crocheting in local schools are dated on the second part of XIX century. The difficult skill of crocheting has been now possessed not only by the elder women, but also young girls from Koniakow and Istebna and neighbouring villages. The skill of crocheting is passed on from one generation to another. Initially crochet lace has been used for making coifs and forehead nets.

The main feature of Koniakow crochet lace, which is so unique, is the floral pattern. Many of the pieces of lace are made separately and only later are they joined by the means of different lace joints like the pattern of a spider web, circles, bicycles, daisies, margarites or many other various patterns. There is also lace which is made as a whole one big pattern. The lace is usually made of white or beige cotton thread so called ‘cordon’. The lace is usually made of cotton thread. The secret of its success is that it is made of special cotton thread of a certain size.

Today also serviettes and tablecloths of different sizes and shapes are handmade. Moreover, you can be surprised with different other lace works, like collars, wristbands, dresses and dress accessories, gloves, bags, blouses, shirts, decorations and even net curtains.  However, your particular attention should be drawn to the lace lingerie, including famous Koniakow crochet thongs which made it so popular. Old patterns are enriched with new ideas all the time by the masters – Koniakow crochet lacemakers.

Koniakow crochet lace is known and admired around the world. It can be found at the English Queen’s palace, President Kennedy’s and popes’ – John XIII and John Paul II. Our regular customers are Polish Presidents who purchase our lace tablecloths as gifts for representatives and Head of States.

Lacemaking art – a beautiful field of folklore is still live in Koniakow!