Koniakow Crochet Lace and the certificate

Koniakow Crochet Lace  and the certificate “The Beskidy Best Product”, („Beskidzki produkt na 5)

In 2009 Kajzar Koniaków Crochet Lace products received a certificate for their uniqueness and quality, “The Beskidy Best Product” („Beskidzki produkt na 5”). We are glad from the fact that our handmade Koniaków Crochet Lace have been appreciated again.

Dear Mr/Mrs,

We are very happy to inform you that in 2009 your handmade products were recognised as  “The Beskidy Best Product” and received our certificate “The Beskidy Top 5”. We are proud of the fact that Koniaków Crochet Lace crocheted by our lace makers have been appreciated again, which proved their highest quality.

“The Beskidy Best Product” certificate is awarded to products or services of the highest quality and safety regulations characteristic for our region of “The Beskidy Top 5”(Brenna, Istebna, Wis³a, Szczyrk, Ustroñ).  The products which have obtained the certificate are known for their best quality and unique, regional character.

We hope that the certificate “The Beskidy Best Product” („Beskidzki produkt na 5”) will become a kind of recommendation of our products and will encourage you to appreciate their unique and beautiful character.