In the south of Poland, at the boarders of Czech and Slovakia there is a village Koniakow. Koniakow with Istebna and Jaworzynka belong to Gmina Istebna also known as The Beskid Triple village.

Koniakow is the highest located village in the Silesia Beskid and one of the highest located village in Poland. The place where beautiful crochet lace is made is located in the south part of the historical area Cieszyn Silesia.

First settlers were, among others,  Vlachs (Wallachians) from the Balkan Peninsula. According to different scientific papers the first highlanders occupied themselves with shepherding, they bred sheep and goats. Some sources say that also horses were bred in Koniakow – still there is no evidence to support this theory. So perhaps the origin of the name Koniakow has nothing to do with the word kon (horse). This idea is rejected by many scientists. Some of them state that the name Koniakow comes from a Czech village Konakov, where oppressed protestants who emigrated to the area of present Koniakow had lived and to keep their identity they had given this name to their new homeland. There are also scientists who indicate the legendary origin of the name Koniakow.

There are no precise sources which would support any of these theories completely. What is certain however, is the fact that the village Koniakow used to belong to Istebna and only in 1712 was it recognized as a separate village and in 1816 it became a commune.

Today Koniakow with Istebna and Jaworzynka belong to Commune Istebna. The region is broadly famous for its rich tradition, beautiful regional clothing, folk bands and folk art, which is especially appreciated for beautiful world-famous Koniakow crochet lace. Because of its beautiful surroundings and healthy climate, as well as the rich and lively folk culture, it is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Poland.