How Koniakow Crochet Lace are made?

Crocheting is a specific kind of art. Koniakow Crochet lace makers use a crochet hook to make their beautiful tablecloths, serviettes, lingerie and other accessories.

Most of the patterns have been passed within families from generations, but a lot of them are being invented now. The special features which distinguish our lace are the floral motifs borrowed from the nature. Every motif is crocheted separately and only later they are joined together with the help of different types of strings, so called “spiders”, “circles”, “daisies”, “pansies” or other geometrically shaped patterns. Contemporary lace makers skilfully crochet serviettes of sophisticated shapes and sizes. On the list of their works we can also find collars, cuffs, dress ornaments, gloves, handbags, dresses, blouses, accessories and even net curtains. However, we especially recommend Koniakow Crochet Lace Thongs, which made the Koniakow Crochet Lace so popular. All these beautiful elements make our Crochet Lace so original and unique. The Koniakow Crochet Lace patterns cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Here in Koniakow, the lace makers crochet real Koniakow Crochet Lace.

All the lace are handmade with pure cotton white or cream thread of the highest quality. Our lace makers use Egyptian cotton thread that is why our Lace are so delicate and soft.